Full Day Jeep Safari in Theth

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Theth, Albania Albania Tour Guide: English

Full day Jeep Safari Theth is one of the best seller day trips of North Albania. This tour will be driven by 4×4 Jeeps experiencing comfort and security in the bumpy road to the most interesting town in Alps, Theth.

A short visit of the village of Theth when we will arrive. Another interesting place that tourists don’t miss to visit, is the “Kulla” (tower) of Theth, that gives you an idea of the kind of life those condemned by their family ties would lead as they waited, protected, during a blood feud.

Durres,Shkodra & On request

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure.

  • Entrance fees
  • 4×4 Jeeps & Fuel
  • Professional guide
  • Local Taxes

  • Airfare
  • Drinks
  •  Individual daily expenses/gratuities
  • Lunches (add 10€, optional)


What to Expect


Spectacular mountain scenery, delicious traditional food and warm hospitality from the local people, be prepared to be amazed by this lifetime experience in the Albanian Alps.


  • Local Experience
  • Local food
  • Adventure driving
  • Warm hospitality

Our full day Jeep Safari Theth will start in your pick up places by diving up in the alps on road 1800 m above sea level, in “Qafe Thore” a short and afterward we will drive off road downhill. When we will reach the village, will continue with a 40 minutes of walking by visiting the Church and the Grunas waterfall, which is the natural attraction, 30 meters high, that all its water derives entirely from a rock and snow water.
Afterwards we have a short visit the “Kulla” (tower) of Theth where men would hide for protection from families with whom they were engaged in a blood feud. This impressive stone tower is referred to locally as Kulla e ngujimit, lock-in tower. This tower is the premier sight in Theth and also called the Kulla “Vendetta/Blood Feud” Tower because of its history.
After the exploration of the interesting village of the northern Alps of Albania and the experience of the full day Jeep Safari Theth, the comfortable jeeps will wait for you to bring you back to your hotels.

Generous-hearted, welcoming, and prosperous, hospitality opens its arms to all comers. It is friendly, unflappable, and approachable; a village confident in its own skin but with one eye fixed on the future, buzzing with creativity and bonhomie.

4 Reviews

  1. avatar
    Kamila Croford
    10:56 AM - February 4, 2019 / Reply

    A great day tour! I live in Tirana and decided to contact them to offer us a day tour.

    The staff was great, friendly, communicative, very careful, full of attention, at our availability and a great company. Thank you very much for your services, I am getting ready for my next adventure with them this year.
    I highly recommend this company and their team for every service that they provide. Thumbs up.

  2. avatar
    Ben M
    10:58 AM - February 4, 2019 / Reply

    Would highly recommend Off Limits as a guide for anyone’s trip to Albania! Excellent guide! Can get you anywhere you would like to go and can get you to places that would most likely be unreachable without them or a professional guide! Would recommend Off Limits Albania to anyone! Travel on!

  3. avatar
    Mauren Thomson
    11:12 AM - February 4, 2019 / Reply

    If you are looking for a wonderful experience in Albania, can’t say enough about Off Limits. They provides such a personal experience to places you would never find or see on your own. They will put together a holiday for you that you will never forget.

  4. avatar
    Katrien S
    11:40 AM - February 4, 2019 / Reply

    We left from Shkoder at 7:30 am, and most of the road is in good condition, however, the last part is in very poor condition, making a 4×4 wheel drive rather necessary. We went in the middle of May, and there was still snow on the ground in the mountains, but not in the valley where Theth is located. The scenery towards Theth is spectacular. The first stop was the “blue eye”, a small, circular pool eroded by a waterfall. It is quite a hike with some clambering to reach it. Afterwards we visited the Grunas waterfall, a much easier walk. This waterfall is much more spectacular, than the one at the blue eye, which you visit for the pond. Afterwards we had a late, but typical lunch in one of the guesthouses. In the village we saw the church and the one renovated kulla, or defensive tower. Finally we drove back to Tirana, so it is quite a long day.


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