Full Day Off Road Tour in Mount Tomorr

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Mount Tomorr, Albania Albania Tour Guide: English

Off Road in Mount Tomorr begins early in the city of Berat and takes you on a thrilling off-road ride up Mount Tomorr, the second highest peak in Albania.

As we ascend the mountain, you have the chance to enjoy the extraordinary sights of Albania‟s numerous mountain ranges, Tomori National Park and take in the refreshing mountain air!

Durres, Vlora & On request

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure.

  • Entrance fees
  • 4×4 Jeeps & Fuel
  • Professional guide/driver
  • Local Taxes

  • Airfare
  • Drinks
  • Packed lunch


What to Expect


Visit at one of the most beautiful mountains in the south of Albania. Experience off-road driving at the second highest peak in Albania. Albania’s Own Mount Olympus.

  • Off-road experience
  • Visit the second highest peak in Albania
  • Breath-taking scenery

Departure from your pick up place at 8:00 am. Mount Tomorr is considered to be the ancient home of the Illyrian gods and with an elevation of 2400 meters, has a deeper and spiritual significance as it is so close to god.

This sacred mountain is topped by the Bektashi tomb of Baba (Father) Tomorr and is visited often by those who follow this ancient, mystic religion. Burning candles, money offerings and sacrificed lambs are evidence that recent worshipers have visited the tomb seeking a blessing from above. The veranda around the tomb offers an amazing panorama where you can see the cities of Berat, Polican and Gramsh. After enjoying this rare glimpse of Albanian culture and nature, our guide will take you back to your pick up places.

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