2 Days Jeep Tour in Theth

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Theth, Albania Albania Tour Guide: English

Jeep Tour in Theth Albania, the best seller tour to experience North Albania. If you’ve ever wanted to forge a deeper bond with a destination, this is your chance. Centered in North Albania, this Jeep tour in Theth Albania places you in the heart of the national park of Theth.

You’re free to explore the village, visit the waterfall, discover the “Blue eye”. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Albanian life style, you are in the right place. You’ll share the main accommodation with like-minded travelers. Learn about daily life in the mountains from your more-than-welcoming hosts, prepare to fall in love with Albania.

Durres, Shkodra & On request

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure.

  • Lunch, dinner and breakfast second day
  • Private 4WD
  • Small group experience; Avg 18
  • Guesthouse/Inn (1 night)
  • Professional guide
  • Local Taxes

  • Airfare
  • Individual daily expenses/gratuities


What to Expect


Spectacular mountain scenery and challenging mountain trek. Delicious traditional food and warm hospitality from the local people, be prepared to be amazed by this lifetime experience in the Albanian Alps.


  • Local Experience
  • Local food
  • Adventure driving
  • Warm hospitality


Our Jeep tour will start in the morning in Tirana or at the hotel pick up, from there we drive to Shkodra, the largest city in the north. Here we visit the Rozafa Castle and take in the superb view of Shkodra Lake surrounded by mountains. After the visit in Shkodra, we drive through the picturesque National Park of Theth. We then stop at Qafë Thore, a mountain pass that offers spectacular views of the Theth Valley. Once we arrive in Theth we spend the day in and around the area of Theth enjoying the charm of the village known for its stunning nature and traditional wooden-tiled houses. Depending on how you are feeling we walk or drive downhill from the guest-house and visit the attractions near the village. We have a chance to visit the local church and the Kulla e Ngujimit, the tower used in the past by men as a shelter from those involved in vendetta known as “blood feud”. We will end up the first day of our amazing Jeep tour experience in Theth.


On our second day in Theth we visit some of the most beautiful natural attractions Albania has to offer. After either a 30 minute off-road drive or 2.5 hour walk, we visit the famous Blue Eye, a natural phenomenon caused by the extremely cold water that flows up from deep within the ground into the warmer waters of the river. After some time at the Blue eye, we visit the waterfall and the Canyon of Theth. This day of exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors will have you ready for departing to the way back in Tirana. Our travels are filled with beautiful landscapes of the Theth valley during the way back. In afternoon we will finish our Jeep tour adventure in Tirana.

Generous-hearted, welcoming, and prosperous, hospitality opens its arms to all comers. It is friendly, unflappable, and approachable; a village confident in its own skin but with one eye fixed on the future, buzzing with creativity and bonhomie.

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